Beach Resorts In Europe That Emerged The Best In 2017

Before going for any kind of European holidays trip you need to understand some things.


You need to be aware of customs in many of the countries. Europe is divided culturally and this is important aspect to keep in mind. No country is the same. For example DaddysLilAngel is pretty popular website in the USA right now. It’s about stepdad/stepdaughter relations and while it widely acceptable thing in United States, it might be quite a taboo in Europe. You should be aware of these things.

To perfect the body and mind, it is best to spend a few days amidst hot springs and enjoy the most diverse treatments in the following best beach resorts in Europe in 2017:


Budapest is a spa town par excellence. The capital of Hungary has been known since 1934 with this nickname because it has 118 springs (natural and artificial), from which sprout more than 70 million liters of thermal water at temperatures between 20 and 80ºC. The three most famous establishments are Gellert, the Széchenyi – one of the largest in Europe – and the historic Rudas dating back to the sixteenth century.

Karlovy Vary

This seaside resort located about two hours from Prague (Czech Republic) is known for thirteen hot springs since the 14th century with beneficial properties. In the city, there are many places to stay and enjoy the thermal benefits, but the flagship of all of them is the luxurious Grand Hotel Pupp.


It is the only English city that has hot springs that were already discovered and used in Roman times. The old facilities have been set up as a museum but in the center of the city are the modern ones like the Thermae Bath Spa. This was the mecca of English high society in the 19th century which offers innovative treatments today.

Bagno Vignoni

In the middle of the Tuscan landscape (Italy), in the heart of the valley of Orcia rises this town where the hot springs are enjoyed since Roman times. In the center of the village is a huge pool more than 2000 years old in which the water has a temperature of 49ºC from a source located 1000 meters deep. The modern facilities of Le Terme or the historical ones of Santa Caterina are two good choices.


Although you can enjoy the hammams all over Turkey, the oldest and the noblest are in the old Ottoman city. Turkish baths are places where in addition to pampering the body and the mind, you can close deals and meet with friends. It is definitely worth the experience! Three of the most famous are Çemberlitaş and Suleymaniye, both built in the 16th century, and the 270-year-old Cagaloglu.

Evian Les Bains

On the border between France and Switzerland, this small resort town is famous for its medicinal waters that can be tasted in the most famous spa resort in France.

Holidays are used to disconnect from the routine, to rest, to have fun and to recharge batteries. For this reason, choosing a spa to spend a few days is a more than right decision since it allows you to relax and unwind in peaceful surroundings.

Today, most spas offer modern facilities and combine many activities of leisure and well-being in addition to the thermal baths that ensure a pleasant and beneficial stay. Take note of our recommendations for spa towns and small European towns that promise a weekend full of pampering and comfort.

Perfect Destinations for a Luxury European Beach Holiday

With its rolling green pastures, snow-topped mountains and wide sandy shorelines, Europe is a place which is loaded with natural beauty and is home to a dynamic blend of individuals, societies and cultures. Typically it’s a continent of captivating inconsistencies, where you can discover both historical sites as well as museums, galleries and rustic islands where time stops, sparkling beach-front resorts and exotic inlets, sunny winter retreats and heavenly snowfields, modest villages and sophisticated cities. There’s bounty to delight your taste buds as well, from the finest wines to some of the world’s most delightful cooking styles and the freshest local produce aged by the Mediterranean sun.

So, plan a tour to Europe instead of anywhere else and enjoy its luxurious beach holidays. There are several places which you can choose for your vacation but amongst them, the best place to have a beach holiday is none other than Turkey

It’s stretched over the turquoise coast running south and west of the gateway of Antalya. You will enjoy the beauty along with the serenity of nature. Some of the best and luxurious beach holiday resorts are listed below:

Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum

Mandarin Oriental is the most sophisticated and exclusive retreat at Bodrum, which is wrapped around its own private inlet on the northern shores of a rugged peninsula extending out from Turkey’s wonderful Aegean coast. You will be enjoying the occasional passing of yachts and cruisers at a discounted rate, which belongs to Turkey’s elite, who have made Bodrum and its environs their own special French Riviera. As soon as you will enter the resort, you will forget everything else about the world and will experience euphoria.

Olympos Lodge, Antalya

Cirali Beach is one of the biggest turtle nesting sites in the world, hence it’s still untouched by the development and is a gem on Turkey’s marvellously delightful Turquoise Coast. It is backed by pine-clad pinnacles, book-ended by limestone edges diving into dark blue waters and fronted by the smooth circular segment of a three-mile-long shoreline; Çıralı has everything a visitor would want. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the citrus orchards and other vegetations while staying at the Olympos Lodge. It is situated at the southern end of the beach, flanked by a crystal clear river. The beauty of the place is amazing and it gives you the best vacation to enjoy your holidays at the beach.

D-Hotel Maris, Marmaris

Remote and tranquil, D-Hotel Maris is an exclusively sophisticated seaside retreat situated in the middle of a vast nature reserve. Though the place is a bit remote, it has a bunch of excellent eateries, welcoming shorelines, extensive sports and leisure facilities along with a great spa, which makes it one of Turkey’s most welcoming resorts.

Beachfront rooms face a channel wrapped by rough hills of volcanic rock and hillsides rich with almond and olive trees.

Delphin Diva Premiere

Delphin Diva Premiere is located just nine miles from the city of Antalya and offers a plenty of activities to keep people engaged in this luxury beachfront resort. It has its own beach exclusively for the guests staying at the resort. You can enjoy walking on the beach, swimming in its pool which has its own water slide. There are other sports activities too for the guests, like a tennis court, bowling alley, etc. You can enjoy the international cuisines served here while viewing the natural beauty of the beach.

Barut Lara

Barut Lara is located in one of the most beautiful locations: surrounded by tender green gardens and ocean views. You can enjoy beach walks, swim in the indoor and outdoor pools, get revived at the spa or go for a Turkish bath.

There are several activities for the guests and a playroom area for the kids. The facilities and amenities here are the best, in comparison to any other resort in Turkey.

Royal Dragon Hotel

Royal Dragon Hotel is a Chinese-themed resort which no one would expect to see in Turkey. Guests will be amazed to see a dragon gracing them at the entrance roof. The resort is full of luxuries, combined with traditional Chinese architecture with modern amenities such as a bowling alley, water slides, a fitness room, a pool, etc.

There are several other luxury beach holiday destinations as well, which you can also look at, before finalizing your booking.