Boat Preservation – The Best Marinas In Europe To Park Your Boat And Do Tourism At The Same Time

Are you considering a sailing vacation in Europe? Summer is the right time to make the best use of some of the most spectacular marinas in Europe.

Yacht season is at its peak in Europe where you can see the marinas being busy from April to October. The exciting seaports lend a splendid opportunity to visit some of the best travel destinations in the region too.

Read on to know about the best marinas you can plan to visit this summer.

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Marina Grande – Capri, Italy

Picturesque Capri Island is home to one of the largest marina. Excellent anchorage and shelter added to the natural beauty of the region make it a popular destination.

The Porto Turistico di Capri is close to two spectacular beaches namely Lo Smeraldo and Spiaggia Libera Marina Grande.

The region also has tourist attractions such as Bagni of Tiberio which you can visit by boat. You can also use the bus depot in the harbor to visit the various tourist attractions on the island.

The marina can accommodate nearly 300 vessels of maximum 60m and boasts of several amenities including internet, fuel, electric cars, docking aid, diving services and more.

Port Vauban, Antibes

As the largest and oldest of the ports in Europe, Port Vauban in Antibes is a must visit Marina.

Situated in the centre of French Riviera, the Marina has 1642 berths and can accommodate yachts that extend to nearly 170m in length.

Some interesting spots to visit here include natural reservations like Eilenroc Gardens, Thuret Park and Exflora Park. The Chateau Grimaldi, where Picasso had created some of his famous works is another must visit spot here. And for nautical sports enthusiasts, the Yacht Show held during this season is a big draw.

One ocean Port Vell, Barcelona

A popular destination for super yachts, One Ocean Port Vell in Barcelona, Spain offers plentiful amenities with a luxury facility housing 150 berths allowing for yachts that have a maximum length of 190meters.

The marina has premium level amenities including a luxurious crew lounge, wellness center, storage facilities, gym and more.

Situated in the busiest part of Barcelona this marina offers plenty of tourist spots to explore nearby including the historical architecture of the city.

Port de Saint Tropez, France

Port de Saint Tropez marina is a gem among the various European marinas. With the spectacular French Riviera harbor backdrop, booking for a spot online beforehand on this marina is an ideal way to explore the French coast. 

The marina accommodates nearly 700 vessels of maximum 70m. The Baie de Pampelonne beach offers a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere to rejuvenate.

You can explore the blend of old and new architecture in Saint Tropez. The city also has various activities you can enjoy.

Ibiza Magna, Ibiza

Situated in Baleric Islands, Ibiza Magna is an exclusive and luxurious marina to explore.

A favourite spot for the rich and famous, the marina is also frequented for its proximity to Pacha, the famous nightclub.

Accommodating yachts up to 60m, the marina also offers offshore anchorage for bigger vessels. September is the right time to visit this marina as the regions host fabulous electric dance events.

The above five are among the numerous marinas that Europe is famous for. Iconic facilities, splendid views and plenty of tourist attractions to visit nearby make these marinas special. Visiting one of these marinas will be worthwhile if you are planning a trip.

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