Boat Preservation – The Best Marinas In Europe To Park Your Boat And Do Tourism At The Same Time

Are you considering a sailing vacation in Europe? Summer is the right time to make the best use of some of the most spectacular marinas in Europe.

Yacht season is at its peak in Europe where you can see the marinas being busy from April to October. The exciting seaports lend a splendid opportunity to visit some of the best travel destinations in the region too.

Read on to know about the best marinas you can plan to visit this summer.

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Marina Grande – Capri, Italy

Picturesque Capri Island is home to one of the largest marina. Excellent anchorage and shelter added to the natural beauty of the region make it a popular destination.

The Porto Turistico di Capri is close to two spectacular beaches namely Lo Smeraldo and Spiaggia Libera Marina Grande.

The region also has tourist attractions such as Bagni of Tiberio which you can visit by boat. You can also use the bus depot in the harbor to visit the various tourist attractions on the island.

The marina can accommodate nearly 300 vessels of maximum 60m and boasts of several amenities including internet, fuel, electric cars, docking aid, diving services and more.

Port Vauban, Antibes

As the largest and oldest of the ports in Europe, Port Vauban in Antibes is a must visit Marina.

Situated in the centre of French Riviera, the Marina has 1642 berths and can accommodate yachts that extend to nearly 170m in length.

Some interesting spots to visit here include natural reservations like Eilenroc Gardens, Thuret Park and Exflora Park. The Chateau Grimaldi, where Picasso had created some of his famous works is another must visit spot here. And for nautical sports enthusiasts, the Yacht Show held during this season is a big draw.

One ocean Port Vell, Barcelona

A popular destination for super yachts, One Ocean Port Vell in Barcelona, Spain offers plentiful amenities with a luxury facility housing 150 berths allowing for yachts that have a maximum length of 190meters.

The marina has premium level amenities including a luxurious crew lounge, wellness center, storage facilities, gym and more.

Situated in the busiest part of Barcelona this marina offers plenty of tourist spots to explore nearby including the historical architecture of the city.

Port de Saint Tropez, France

Port de Saint Tropez marina is a gem among the various European marinas. With the spectacular French Riviera harbor backdrop, booking for a spot online beforehand on this marina is an ideal way to explore the French coast. 

The marina accommodates nearly 700 vessels of maximum 70m. The Baie de Pampelonne beach offers a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere to rejuvenate.

You can explore the blend of old and new architecture in Saint Tropez. The city also has various activities you can enjoy.

Ibiza Magna, Ibiza

Situated in Baleric Islands, Ibiza Magna is an exclusive and luxurious marina to explore.

A favourite spot for the rich and famous, the marina is also frequented for its proximity to Pacha, the famous nightclub.

Accommodating yachts up to 60m, the marina also offers offshore anchorage for bigger vessels. September is the right time to visit this marina as the regions host fabulous electric dance events.

The above five are among the numerous marinas that Europe is famous for. Iconic facilities, splendid views and plenty of tourist attractions to visit nearby make these marinas special. Visiting one of these marinas will be worthwhile if you are planning a trip.

Ideal Vacation Spots In Turkey And The Greek Islands

If you still haven’t discovered Turkey or the Greek islands, you better hurry up and stop wasting your time! These two offer you the luxury and exotic touch, but with more money left in your pockets! Enjoy the son of the Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean Sea, bade in the clear turquoise water and have your favorite cocktail on the sandy beaches. Moreover, use the opportunity to visit many architecture attractions, historical sights and antique ruins.

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Vacation Spots In Turkey 

Besides going to the famous beaches, there are other vacation spots in Turkey. We recommend a combination of both historical, architecture sightseeing and beach days.


Istanbul is not the country’s capital, opposed to many beliefs- it’s Ankara. However, Istanbul is the largest and most populous city spreading over to continents, Asia and Europe. The capital of Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire offers a plethora of sights to satisfy the tourist eye and desire.

Istanbul Marina


If Ankara is the country’s capital and Istanbul is the largest, then Antalya is the tourist capital. Located on the Turkish Riviera, on the Mediterranean coast, this city has a lot to offer! Not only does the city offer stunning beaches, but it also serves as a historical site, with the Hadrian’s Gate, a gate build to honor the Roman emperor, being one of the biggest historical attractions.


Antalya Beach



Kusadasi is much smaller than the ones mention above. This town, however, abounds with fantastic sandy beaches, clear water and definitely stands as tourists’ favorite spot in Turkey. If you ever get the chance, visit this charming town!

Vacation Spots On The Greek Islands 

Besides being the Cradle of Civilization, Greece is also known to be the Maldives of Europe. One might sit and wonder how come all this beauty was gathered in such a tiny space. Indeed, Greece is marvelous, so let’s go through some potential vacation spots on their islands.


Santorini is one of those places that make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. It is what is left from a massive volcano eruption as it lays on a caldera. The houses are all painted in blue and white, the colors of Greece. Combined with the clear and turquoise water of the southern Aegean See, you get the fairy tale effect!

Santorini Village


Mykonos is a very old Greek settlement, mentioned long time ago. According to the Greek mythology, it was named after its first ruler, the son or grandson of Apollo, the God of the Sun. However, besides offering stunning views, clear water and sunny weather, it also includes many attractions. You will find the Mykonos Windmills charming and you will enjoy your time spent at Little Venice (Mikri Venetia)


Corfu is probably one of the first Greek islands to be opened for tourism, due to its traditional connection to Europe. It is one of the most popular Greek islands. The island offers dozens of beautiful beaches, however, the Old Town remains to be a great attraction as the Venetian architecture style suits everyone’s eye. With Ionian Islands being near buy, people tend to mix their Corfu holidays by visiting the island of Paxi, for example.

Corfu Crystal Clear Waters


How does 300 sunny days per year sound like? Well, that’s what you get if you visit the island of Rhodes. Again, just like all Greek islands, this one offers amazing beaches and fairy tale atmosphere. However, the Rhodes Old Town is one of the best preserved towns from the Medieval. It is known for its romantic streets and famous strong walls with a great castle in the middle. Simply stunning!

Beach Resorts In Europe That Emerged The Best In 2017

Before going for any kind of European holidays trip you need to understand some things.


You need to be aware of customs in many of the countries. Europe is divided culturally and this is important aspect to keep in mind. No country is the same. For example DaddysLilAngel is pretty popular website in the USA right now. It’s about stepdad/stepdaughter relations and while it widely acceptable thing in United States, it might be quite a taboo in Europe. You should be aware of these things.

To perfect the body and mind, it is best to spend a few days amidst hot springs and enjoy the most diverse treatments in the following best beach resorts in Europe in 2017:


Budapest is a spa town par excellence. The capital of Hungary has been known since 1934 with this nickname because it has 118 springs (natural and artificial), from which sprout more than 70 million liters of thermal water at temperatures between 20 and 80ºC. The three most famous establishments are Gellert, the Széchenyi – one of the largest in Europe – and the historic Rudas dating back to the sixteenth century.

Karlovy Vary

This seaside resort located about two hours from Prague (Czech Republic) is known for thirteen hot springs since the 14th century with beneficial properties. In the city, there are many places to stay and enjoy the thermal benefits, but the flagship of all of them is the luxurious Grand Hotel Pupp.


It is the only English city that has hot springs that were already discovered and used in Roman times. The old facilities have been set up as a museum but in the center of the city are the modern ones like the Thermae Bath Spa. This was the mecca of English high society in the 19th century which offers innovative treatments today.

Bagno Vignoni

In the middle of the Tuscan landscape (Italy), in the heart of the valley of Orcia rises this town where the hot springs are enjoyed since Roman times. In the center of the village is a huge pool more than 2000 years old in which the water has a temperature of 49ºC from a source located 1000 meters deep. The modern facilities of Le Terme or the historical ones of Santa Caterina are two good choices.


Although you can enjoy the hammams all over Turkey, the oldest and the noblest are in the old Ottoman city. Turkish baths are places where in addition to pampering the body and the mind, you can close deals and meet with friends. It is definitely worth the experience! Three of the most famous are Çemberlitaş and Suleymaniye, both built in the 16th century, and the 270-year-old Cagaloglu.

Evian Les Bains

On the border between France and Switzerland, this small resort town is famous for its medicinal waters that can be tasted in the most famous spa resort in France.

Holidays are used to disconnect from the routine, to rest, to have fun and to recharge batteries. For this reason, choosing a spa to spend a few days is a more than right decision since it allows you to relax and unwind in peaceful surroundings.

Today, most spas offer modern facilities and combine many activities of leisure and well-being in addition to the thermal baths that ensure a pleasant and beneficial stay. Take note of our recommendations for spa towns and small European towns that promise a weekend full of pampering and comfort.

A Complete Guide to Yacht Sailing on Greek Islands

There are more than three thousand Greek islands and islets which provide more than 15000 kilometres of coastline. This makes Greece the ideal destination for yacht sailing. You can explore the azure seas and the blue skies while exploring the area on your yacht. Here’s a list of the top 10 islands which you should not miss at any point, but apart from them there are others which you can also include in your itinerary while hopping from island to another.

Why you need your own Yacht?

“This is because having your own yacht means you can visit more island at your convenience, as you will be your own captain.”

This is because having your own yacht means you can visit more island at your convenience, as you will be your own captain. You can sleep in the yacht; your belongings will be inside the cabin, which you won’t get if you take the ferry.

You also get a fully equipped kitchen and refrigerator in a yacht.

You can stop whenever and wherever you want to take a swim, snack, and snorkel or just to relax. You can decide which island you want to visit and how much time you will stop there.

Where should you start?

If you are landing in Athens, you can start your sailing from Alimos Marina towards the Saronic area or Cyclades Islands. The Saronic Gulf may sound a bit boring as it’s not that popular but it is best for sailing as the area is sheltered, the winds are light, the destinations are closer and sailing hours are fewer per day and the choices are truly various, particularly if you are going to spend more than a week on your sailing vacation. You can visit Aigina, Hydra, Spetses, Poros, Agkistri, Ermioni, etc.

In case you want to move towards the Cyclades, it is suggested to spend more than a week’s time to explore it properly.

You can visit Lavrion, Syros, Mykonos and Paros islands including the famous Volcanic Island Santorini and Delos.

“It is suggested to spend more than a week’s time to explore it properly.”

You can also include the Ionian Islands in your sailing adventure and explore the Lefkas, Corfu and Preveza Island.

You can also explore Northern Greece, which is relatively undiscovered and covers areas like Thessaloniki, the Halkidiki peninsula and Kavala.

To explore the Sporades islands, Evia and Volos, you need to start either from Skiathos or from Volos. Sporades islands lie in the north Aegean coast region, near the peninsula of south Pelion Mountain. You can visit the three main islands here including the Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos. The area also has a sea park and marine sanctuary.

You can also visit the Dodecanese Islands, for which you need to start your yacht sailing from Rhodes or Kos.

You will not only explore these two main islands but also the Turkish Coast. Here you can witness a totally different Greece which is more influenced by the ancient Greeks, Venetians and Asia Minor.

All these places can be explored according to your schedule and preference only if you hire a yacht and the experience you will get from this will be unforgettable.

Sailing in the Greek islands is the best way to see its hidden treasures, which you can’t get to know while exploring them inland.

Yacht Sailing: An Adventure along Turkey’s Coast

Turkey is one of the most adventure-filled and impressive countries in the world. It attracts the tourists by its historic charm, cultural heritage and Mediterranean beauty. Most of the people explore the country by road, covering each island one by one, but exploring it via yacht sailing is something extraordinary. It will reveal more hidden treasures and you will be mesmerized by the view of the sea, flying fish, breathtaking sunsets, majestic dolphins and enjoying the night under shining stars. It will be a whole new experience for you while witnessing the incomparable beauty of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

Sounds exciting? Indeed it is. Join the madness of sailing in Turkey and have one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life, full of thrills and adventure, which will leave you craving more. Here’s why:

The Bays and Coves

With time, Turkey is becoming the most popular sailing destination, as travellers from all over the world come here to witness its beauty. Since the coast is scattered with secluded bays and coves, you can easily escape the crowds. While sailing along the coast of Turkey, each day you will be witnessing stunning bays and coves to sunbathe, swim, eat, drink, snorkel and chill-out.

The water is crystal clear here, which means you can see everything on the ocean floor.

Some of the best spots you should visit include Butterfly Valley Beach, Cold Water Bay, Sarsala Koyu, Asi Koyu, Kapi Creek, Kekova Roads, Oludeniz, Wall Bay and Tomb Bay, etc.


“You will get the freshest salads, stews, seafood and other traditional Turkish food while exploring the coastal line.”

The culture and traditions are different here, as they have been  influenced by several people who ruled or visited the place in the ancient times. There is nothing better than enjoying the Mediterranean Sea view while having a feast of rich and lavish Turkish food in your private yacht while visiting the various coastal bars and restaurants. The local cuisines of the Aegean coast is said to be the best in the country because of its exceptional produce. You will get the freshest salads, stews, seafood and other traditional Turkish food while exploring the coastal line.

Sea Turtles

It is another attraction of the place; people across the world came here to see the large Loggerhead Sea Turtles and to get a chance to swim with them. Iztuzu beach and Cirali are famous for these turtles, and  while exploring these areas you might see them coming out of the water or if you remain lucky, you can even get a chance to swim alongside them.

Historical ruins

The whole south-west coast is filled with incredible ancient ruins. While sailing from town to town and bay to cove, you will get endless options to explore the ruins both above and under the water. Some of the best ruins are Cirali, Asin Liman, Ephesus, Gemiler Adasi, Kalkan, Fethiye, Kalekoy Castle, etc.


“The best part of sailing in Turkey is that you get a chance to relax on the deck of your yacht while enjoying the sky above you.”

The best part of sailing in Turkey is that you get a chance to relax on the deck of your yacht while enjoying the sky above you. At sunset you will get to witness a picture-perfect scene, while the sun is setting it lights up the Mediterranean and Aegean seas like no other in the world. While watching this from your deck and enjoying your cocktail, you will realize that there is no place better than this for sailing.

Crystal Clear Water

The coast is nicknamed The Turquoise Coast, because of its crystal clear water, which itself is quite alluring to go for a sailing holiday in Turkey. While sailing you get the opportunity of cruising these waters all day long, to swim in them as much as you want and to see the ocean world as long as the sun sets.

This is a lifetime experience which you will never forget.


Turkey is known as the most popular destination for sailing in the world, and its summers are full of travellers who are ready to explore the coastline with all types of boats. You will see typical Turkish gulet cruises, private charter boats and party boats everywhere on the bays, coves, beaches, etc. You will get a chance to meet new people and to make new friends.

Sailing in Turkey is nothing like you have ever experienced before in your life. Relaxing on your boat, enjoying your food or drinks, gazing out at a magnificent orange sunset and feeling the warm breeze–all these are what you get here. which will make you forget about everything else in the world.

The 10 Most Beautiful Greek Islands With Spectacular Scenery

Newbies mostly describe their excursion to “the Greek Islands,” as though these were one solid land mass, easily popped into and out of, just like roaming around a mall. It’s only when a guest becomes more acquainted with the nation that the extent and diversity of the archipelago turn out to be clear. There are more than 200 inhabited islands in Greece—and more than 6,000 isles of various sizes altogether. The islands which have residents have their own character, such as the whitewashed cave homes of the Cyclades, the lavish, green Italianate Ionians, and the Dodecanese topped with Crusader mansions.

Here are the top 10 Greek Islands which one must visit while planning a trip to Greece.


Mykonos comes under the archipelago of the Cyclades, which is known for its nightlife and views, as well as its hidden beaches. It also has a beautiful Cycladic village in its center.


Santorini is also found in the Cyclades archipelago and is a romantic and luxurious island. Mostly frequented by honeymooners who love to sit in their private pools at the top of the cliff, while enjoying the view of Caldera and watching the sun set into the ocean.


Paros is situated on the Aegean Sea and comes under the Cyclades Island group. It is home to alluring Naoussa and is built around two bays and has lovely interior villages.


Folegandros is the quieter version of Santorini, built on a cliff, and is another spot enjoyed by lovebirds. You will feel the sense of joie de vivre coming back to you. It also part of the Cyclades Island group and is still an untouched place which shows the real Greece, having a relaxing environment, nice beaches and hospitality.


Crete is the largest island with its own customs, accent, climate and cuisines. You will find incredible beaches along with the pin-sand Elafonissi and other historical sites to explore. Those who are more into exploring historical sites will love this island.

Saronic Gulf Islands

The Saronic Gulf Islands are the closest islands to Athens, and have some of the prettiest beaches. Some of the islands which you can explore here are Nantucket, Spetses, Poros, Aegina and Agistri. Each one has its own speciality and beauty which makes it different from others.

The Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are known for their greenery, and they are also known as the seven islands. Due to the mixed influences of the British, French and Venetians, it has its unique culture, art, music, architecture and cuisines. You can explore beaches like Tiny Paxos, AntiParos, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Lefkada, Small Ithaka and Kythera. Each one has its own history and story to tell, which you will learn when you will visit it.


The Sporades has 24 islands on the northeastern coast of mainland Greece but only four of them are inhabited. You will be amazed to see dark green pine trees, lots of sand and rocks, white churches and singing. Famous islands to explore are Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros.

The Northeast Aegean Islands

The Aegean Islands is a collection of thirteen islands amongst which five are big. You will be enjoying long beaches and natural wonders on various islands like a petrified forest on Lesvos, mastic trees on Chios, etc.

The Dodecanese

The Dodecanese has twelve main islands and several smaller ones. Two of the largest ones are Rhodes and Kos. Rhodes is known for its beautifully preserved medieval wall which has Crusader Caster and other ancient synagogues, while Kos is known for its 4th-century Asclipion complex.

Perfect Destinations for a Luxury European Beach Holiday

With its rolling green pastures, snow-topped mountains and wide sandy shorelines, Europe is a place which is loaded with natural beauty and is home to a dynamic blend of individuals, societies and cultures. Typically it’s a continent of captivating inconsistencies, where you can discover both historical sites as well as museums, galleries and rustic islands where time stops, sparkling beach-front resorts and exotic inlets, sunny winter retreats and heavenly snowfields, modest villages and sophisticated cities. There’s bounty to delight your taste buds as well, from the finest wines to some of the world’s most delightful cooking styles and the freshest local produce aged by the Mediterranean sun.

So, plan a tour to Europe instead of anywhere else and enjoy its luxurious beach holidays. There are several places which you can choose for your vacation but amongst them, the best place to have a beach holiday is none other than Turkey

It’s stretched over the turquoise coast running south and west of the gateway of Antalya. You will enjoy the beauty along with the serenity of nature. Some of the best and luxurious beach holiday resorts are listed below:

Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum

Mandarin Oriental is the most sophisticated and exclusive retreat at Bodrum, which is wrapped around its own private inlet on the northern shores of a rugged peninsula extending out from Turkey’s wonderful Aegean coast. You will be enjoying the occasional passing of yachts and cruisers at a discounted rate, which belongs to Turkey’s elite, who have made Bodrum and its environs their own special French Riviera. As soon as you will enter the resort, you will forget everything else about the world and will experience euphoria.

Olympos Lodge, Antalya

Cirali Beach is one of the biggest turtle nesting sites in the world, hence it’s still untouched by the development and is a gem on Turkey’s marvellously delightful Turquoise Coast. It is backed by pine-clad pinnacles, book-ended by limestone edges diving into dark blue waters and fronted by the smooth circular segment of a three-mile-long shoreline; Çıralı has everything a visitor would want. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the citrus orchards and other vegetations while staying at the Olympos Lodge. It is situated at the southern end of the beach, flanked by a crystal clear river. The beauty of the place is amazing and it gives you the best vacation to enjoy your holidays at the beach.

D-Hotel Maris, Marmaris

Remote and tranquil, D-Hotel Maris is an exclusively sophisticated seaside retreat situated in the middle of a vast nature reserve. Though the place is a bit remote, it has a bunch of excellent eateries, welcoming shorelines, extensive sports and leisure facilities along with a great spa, which makes it one of Turkey’s most welcoming resorts.

Beachfront rooms face a channel wrapped by rough hills of volcanic rock and hillsides rich with almond and olive trees.

Delphin Diva Premiere

Delphin Diva Premiere is located just nine miles from the city of Antalya and offers a plenty of activities to keep people engaged in this luxury beachfront resort. It has its own beach exclusively for the guests staying at the resort. You can enjoy walking on the beach, swimming in its pool which has its own water slide. There are other sports activities too for the guests, like a tennis court, bowling alley, etc. You can enjoy the international cuisines served here while viewing the natural beauty of the beach.

Barut Lara

Barut Lara is located in one of the most beautiful locations: surrounded by tender green gardens and ocean views. You can enjoy beach walks, swim in the indoor and outdoor pools, get revived at the spa or go for a Turkish bath.

There are several activities for the guests and a playroom area for the kids. The facilities and amenities here are the best, in comparison to any other resort in Turkey.

Royal Dragon Hotel

Royal Dragon Hotel is a Chinese-themed resort which no one would expect to see in Turkey. Guests will be amazed to see a dragon gracing them at the entrance roof. The resort is full of luxuries, combined with traditional Chinese architecture with modern amenities such as a bowling alley, water slides, a fitness room, a pool, etc.

There are several other luxury beach holiday destinations as well, which you can also look at, before finalizing your booking.

Amazing Beach Holiday Resorts in Turkey

Vacations are the best time to do something different from your daily routine. This is the time when you can focus on you and your family or friends. This time, instead of relaxing at home, you should do something different, like visiting a place which is pure bliss and magic. A place where you will find natural beauty, peace and energy to revive yourself along with the tasty cuisine it has to offer you.

Turkey is the place which offers everything you desire.

Whether you are looking for a sunny climate to enjoy sandy beaches, or to indulge in the rich heritage it has to offer, or you’re looking for something to make your taste buds dance, or the nightlife as well as shopping sprees, whatever you desire from a holiday, you will get all these here.

The place offers you a wide range of historical sites and various amazing beach holiday resorts along the Mediterranean Sea and Aegean coasts. Here are some of the best beach holiday resorts which will enhance your holiday experience in all ways.


“Patara is the longest and most beautiful beach in Turkey.”

Patara is the longest and most beautiful beach in Turkey, situated near the Lycian city on the Turkish Riviera coast. It’s about 18 kms long and can spread up to a width of 200-300 metres. You will love its warm shallows, body durable waves and the dunes. The calm Patara Viewpoint Hotel is set around a pool on a tranquil, verdant slope behind the ruins of a Roman city. The place is known for providing friendly service for its visitors for more than two decades- a service that incorporates free rides to and from the shoreline and an optional barbeque weekly.

The Bodrum Peninsula

“You will love the food here and the lovely beaches.”

Studded with olive forests and domed white Ottoman-period reservoirs, the lovely rough finger of the Bodrum Peninsula is also one of the favourite beaches in Turkey. You will love the food here and the lovely beaches such as Bitez and Türbükü, and windsurfing opportunities are in abundance. The Mandarin Oriental Bodrum, is situated on the lush northern shore of the landmass. It has two beaches of its own, a modern spa, a pool complex, chic eateries and cool sounds provided by Istanbul’s hip Babylon club. It is the most sophisticated beach holiday resort in the area.

Oludeniz Lagoon

“You will love staying at the beachfront resort of Oludeniz.”

Though you might see several promotional posters here, provided by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, you won’t be able to deny the fact that the wonderful, pine-bordered and mountain-supported lagoon of Oludeniz is precisely an pristine heaven. There’s are many things to do as well, aside from swimming in the clear blue waters of the lagoon or taking a boat to the beautiful shoreline at Butterfly Valley. You will love staying at the beachfront resort of Oludeniz, the Oyster Residences, which is a beautiful, reasonably priced hotel set among rich vegetation with a pretty pool.


“Antalya is the fifth most beautiful beach of Turkey.”

Antalya is the fifth most beautiful beach of Turkey. For those who are looking for a traditional Mediterranean beach and a poolside holiday along with easy access to the nightlife and shopping centres, this the best place. You will get plenty of bars, restaurants, and clubs in its old walled quarter and the suburbs are loaded with shiny new malls and cinemas.

The Su Hotel is the only hotel which has an all-white concept, located at the curve where Konyaalti beach meets limestone cliffs, where the city is built.

You will love the giant pool, the view of the amazing blue gulf mountains, and other amenities.


“Even the beauty of the city along its sides can’t take away its particular charms.”

No words can define the beauty of Alanya, as it’s clustered around the big, citadel-crowned rock approaching high over the Mediterranean, and backed by the tough Taurus Mountains. Even the beauty of the city along its sides can’t take away its particular charms. It has plenty of historical sites to explore, as it was once the home of pirates in the Roman Era and was mainly settled under the Seljuk Turks. Apart from that, it offers boat trips around the rock and incredible swimming from the shorelines toward the east and west. You can easily explore the place by staying at the beautiful boutique Villa Turka hotel. Molded from an appealing period Ottoman townhouse, the lodging is in a serene area underneath the old city dividers on the rock of Alanya, with far reaching ocean views.

Apart from these beach holiday resorts, there is much more which you can explore while visiting Turkey on your vacations.