Ideal Vacation Spots In Turkey And The Greek Islands

If you still haven’t discovered Turkey or the Greek islands, you better hurry up and stop wasting your time! These two offer you the luxury and exotic touch, but with more money left in your pockets! Enjoy the son of the Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean Sea, bade in the clear turquoise water and have your favorite cocktail on the sandy beaches. Moreover, use the opportunity to visit many architecture attractions, historical sights and antique ruins.

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Vacation Spots In Turkey 

Besides going to the famous beaches, there are other vacation spots in Turkey. We recommend a combination of both historical, architecture sightseeing and beach days.


Istanbul is not the country’s capital, opposed to many beliefs- it’s Ankara. However, Istanbul is the largest and most populous city spreading over to continents, Asia and Europe. The capital of Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire offers a plethora of sights to satisfy the tourist eye and desire.

Istanbul Marina


If Ankara is the country’s capital and Istanbul is the largest, then Antalya is the tourist capital. Located on the Turkish Riviera, on the Mediterranean coast, this city has a lot to offer! Not only does the city offer stunning beaches, but it also serves as a historical site, with the Hadrian’s Gate, a gate build to honor the Roman emperor, being one of the biggest historical attractions.


Antalya Beach



Kusadasi is much smaller than the ones mention above. This town, however, abounds with fantastic sandy beaches, clear water and definitely stands as tourists’ favorite spot in Turkey. If you ever get the chance, visit this charming town!

Vacation Spots On The Greek Islands 

Besides being the Cradle of Civilization, Greece is also known to be the Maldives of Europe. One might sit and wonder how come all this beauty was gathered in such a tiny space. Indeed, Greece is marvelous, so let’s go through some potential vacation spots on their islands.


Santorini is one of those places that make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. It is what is left from a massive volcano eruption as it lays on a caldera. The houses are all painted in blue and white, the colors of Greece. Combined with the clear and turquoise water of the southern Aegean See, you get the fairy tale effect!

Santorini Village


Mykonos is a very old Greek settlement, mentioned long time ago. According to the Greek mythology, it was named after its first ruler, the son or grandson of Apollo, the God of the Sun. However, besides offering stunning views, clear water and sunny weather, it also includes many attractions. You will find the Mykonos Windmills charming and you will enjoy your time spent at Little Venice (Mikri Venetia)


Corfu is probably one of the first Greek islands to be opened for tourism, due to its traditional connection to Europe. It is one of the most popular Greek islands. The island offers dozens of beautiful beaches, however, the Old Town remains to be a great attraction as the Venetian architecture style suits everyone’s eye. With Ionian Islands being near buy, people tend to mix their Corfu holidays by visiting the island of Paxi, for example.

Corfu Crystal Clear Waters


How does 300 sunny days per year sound like? Well, that’s what you get if you visit the island of Rhodes. Again, just like all Greek islands, this one offers amazing beaches and fairy tale atmosphere. However, the Rhodes Old Town is one of the best preserved towns from the Medieval. It is known for its romantic streets and famous strong walls with a great castle in the middle. Simply stunning!

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